Winding Down After a Long Day in the Studio

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Music is obviously your passion, but after a long day working on your next record or brushing up a promo, how can you unwind and how can you destress? This question is posed because, although making music can be therapeutic, it doesn’t mean that it is a completely stress-free activity. Winding down is important for your mental health and well-being, and, it is also important for your physical health and well-bring. If you are overtired, anxious or feeling the pressure to produce great music every time and release perfection then at some point the strain will start to show, especially if you have not taken control of the situation beforehand. So, what ways should you be looking at to wind down after a long day.

Playing Online Games

Whether you enjoy playing multiplayer games, you enjoy playing a game of roulette, or you enjoy using bingo sites, online gaming can help take the stress and pressure off your shoulders and can provide you with a release. When you play online games, you can play on your own, or you can play as part of a team. Playing something that is completely different, or even the opposite to what you have been doing in the day will give you space to breathe easy, and space to relax. When you play games, you give your brain time to down tools for a bit, which will most certainly help improve your stress levels.

Spending Time with Family and Friends

Whether you meet up virtually for a coffee, or you get together in your local town, spending good quality time with family and friends is important. Talking with others, sharing doubts, pressures and worries, as well as successes are vital to do. You cannot possibly be at your creative best if you are wound up tightly, so, before potential stress hinders you and your creativity, focus on catching up with friends and loved ones.

Taking Up a New Hobby or Interest

Put simply, change can be good. Trying out new interests and hobbies can give you another creative outlet. Trying out something completely new and possibly out of your comfort zone could see some surprising results, so think carefully about what you would like to do with your free time and why. Inspiration for new music or new sounds can often come out of the blue, and it could come when you are partaking in your new hobby or interest.

Listening to Music!

Yes, you are wanting to release stress and unwind and what better way is there to do this than by listening to a record from your favourite band, or an album by your go-to artist. Music soothes and calms the soul and it can help you refocus your energy, leaving you feeling in a much calmer place, and a much calmer state of mind.

Music is a healing power and the energy that it gives you can keep you going, and also ensure that you are just as determined to achieve what you want next time you hit the studio.

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