Likes, shares, comments and other interactions are not an endorsement

Any form of interaction through social media that isn’t a blatant endorsement or recommendation of a concept, product or service should not be treated as such. There is a lot to discuss, and the lines of communication are very much open. Just because I interact with a specific account or piece of content does not mean that I am openly endorsing it in any way.

To conflate sharing with endorsement is to misunderstand the whole point of bringing something to your attention for the purpose of discussion and scrutiny. Context is key, and I feel that social media and brief interactions elsewhere aren’t necessarily telling the whole story about an interaction, and that these platforms are designed in a way that facilitates this kind of ambiguity to appeal to as many users as possible.

Please seek permission from me prior to treating something as an endorsement.

If in doubt, ask me for clarification.

Are you Louis Routledge/Louis Stuart Routledge?


Do you have a presence within the fediverse?

Yes. My main presence via ActivityPub-based platforms like Mastodon, Pleroma and Friendica, is @me@hammyhavoc.com. That entity syndicates content from this website.