CEO of Split An Atom, a multi-award winning integrated marketing agency and Previous Magazine, a lifestyle and tech publication. I make music as The Orion Correlation and co-founded Voidance Records too. A former writer for HuffPost.

Some days I score commercials, TV, movies and video games like All Walls Must Fall (2018) (Steam, Nintendo Switch), and Manta (2022) (Steam). Other days I develop government software and on the odd occasion get involved in the visual arts across a variety of mediums. My skills are available to you for a price. I’m currently based in Hoylake, Wirral, just a stone’s throw from Liverpool, though I work internationally, and remotely.

I regularly create and contribute to open source projects such as Cookie Dunker, and the Nunomo QUN synthesizer.

I’m an active cypherpunk and advocate the usage of open standards and can see a future where everything and everybody plays together nicely. I enjoy nothing more than subverting control.

Hammy Havoc

Hammy Havoc

Audio /ɡiːk/

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FAE4 85F4 D1D5 DF3B D7AD 9C5A 201A 3041 F230 0FF6

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Please note that whilst I am able to receive and send emails that make use of PGP, I would much rather than you contact me via Matrix for a much faster response.

I don’t tend to use FlowCrypt’s key as so many important features are missing from their roadmap.

4398 A5FC B589 DADF E909 0C18 85E0 1012 D5B3 79BF

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I no longer use this key.

21EA F73A 7A14 DD52 EE03 088E 147F 9952 AC1D 3F33

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