My Original Score for Manta (2022)

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Manta is a video game by Psychoclast Software, described as “a sci-fi combat flight-sim featuring underwater stealth-action, and real-time strategy”. I am creating an original score for Manta as The Orion Correlation, alongside my partner and long-term collaborator Mary Ann Mahoney. This original score also acts as The Orion Correlation’s first full-length album and will be released alongside Manta itself.

Manta will be featured in the Steam Next Fest October Edition 2021, which is Valve’s celebration of upcoming video games. Both during and after Steam Next Fest October Edition 2021, you’ll be able to get your hands on a playable demo of Manta and provide feedback to us.

Today, you can wishlist Manta on Steam. We are currently targeting Windows, though we are actively looking into builds for other major platforms.

Along with an original score, I’m also working on the sound design for Manta. A lot of that revolves around my trusty PsyCo X Syncussion SY-1M, which my father and I built together.

Image Credits: Psychoclast Software

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