Audio Post-Production for The March Onwards (2023)

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My partner, Mary Ann Mahoney, and I did audio post-production on another documentary for frequent-collaborator Alex Arjoon of REEL Guyana, called The March Onwards (2023). We, Split An Atom, did re-recording mixing, sound editing, and dialogue editing, which included extensive dialogue cleanup and restoration. Deliverables for the project included a mix for streaming platforms, as well as a theatrical 5.1 surround sound mix.

The March Onwards (2023) focuses on the clash between a traditional way of life of the Warrau people and the changing country of Guyana, increasingly focused on state-sponsored farming. This documentary shows what is being done to safeguard the survival of the Warrau and their heritage, all the while juggling development.

As we’ve touched upon in previous documentaries that we’ve collaborated on with REEL Guyana, such as The Barima-Mora Passage (2020), preserving Guyana’s natural environment is a high priority. The March Onwards (2023) continues to examine the issue of the removal of mangrove.

The documentary premiered on October 12th, 2023, at MovieTowne in Georgetown, Guyana. You can view a trailer of the documentary here:

You can view the documentary in its entirety here:

Image Credits: REEL Guyana

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